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Wedding Bouquets

     There are three heart strings for the bride for her day first is the dress followed by the bouquet and cake.. they are all three personal touches and integrate the sense of touch, aroma and taste all of the other items fall into place.. Please visit often as I am continually adding bouquet designs. I love designing bouquets and the handle embellishments.. When I dress the handles it is a personal touch for the bride and the bridal party because a bouquet is jewelry so to speak. Boutonnieres can take on there on art form too .. actually they can be very artsy.. the most popular style of bouquet now is hand tied and it literally means hand tied.. You have to spin and angle the flowers as you add them.

     Some bouquets require items to be wired in such as orchids..a photo of the brides gown is a must for color and silhouette.. I am a ribbon snob.. I like fine ribbon and the feel it has on the handle.. such an important detail...